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Why invest in autographs and memorabilia?

Healthy returns with an unlimited upside are complemented by the wonderful feeling of pride from owning an important piece of history. How many people do you know with a genuine Abraham Lincoln signed document, an authenticated Henry VIII signed manuscript, the sword used by Russell Crowe in the movie Gladiator, or a first edition of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn signed by Mark Twain?

Why choose Millionaire Gallery?

Ask any collector and they’ll tell you who we are. Established in 1985, Millionaire Gallery is synonymous with memorabilia expertise, high quality and fair dealing.  We are a global leader in autographed material. We only select the rarest items and best items for our portfolios.

How do we differ from other investment companies?
We only select the rarest items for our portfolios. There is often a waiting list to join our investment programs so you can be assured that the items in your portfolio are of the highest quality. 

What is the average investment you deal with?
The average investment is now $50,000 and growing - a good indication of the confidence in this alternative asset class. 

How do you select my investment?
We have over 60,000 autographs in stock, which are traded daily with collectors around the world. Of these, we select the top quality rarities for investment purposes.

How do I know if my investment is authentic?
We offer a lifetime guarantee of authenticity - which is vital for serious investors. The FBI reports that 90% of autographs for sale on ebay are forgeries. We only use the most trustworthy suppliers. Our reputation has been built over 25 years of trading collectibles, rare manuscripts and signatures.

How do I pay?
Payment can be made by check, bank transfer or credit card.

Can I top up my investment?
Yes. Almost half our investors are repeat buyers. Simply let us know how much you wish to invest and we will propose a suitable addition to your portfolio. 

How do I know whether my investment is gaining or losing value?

We offer secure online access to view your valuation(s), which are performed once a year when the new catalog prices are published. 

How do I go about insuring and storing my investment?
All investors are offered free insurance and storage for the duration of your investment   All portfolios are stored in a secure bank vault in Miami. If you wish to store your investment at home we can supply details of specialist insurers. 

Can I view my portfolio when it is stored with you?
Yes, of course. If you wish to view the portfolio in Miami we just ask for one week’s notice. You would also need to provide photo identification in the form of a passport or driving license on arrival or security. 

Do you provide proof of ownership?
Absolutely. You will be supplied with an invoice as proof of ownership. 

How do I sell my portfolio?
It depends on which investment option you take. We will advise on the best exit route when you decide to sell.  

What about fees?
There are no management or administration fees.  We do charge a small commission on exit for marketing the portfolio to our database or to buy the items back.

What is the next step?
Please contact Bruce Matthews toll free 888-446-5757 or email us at to discuss your requirements.